Being Good Isn't Good Enough


Colors magazine

Colors magazine by Fabrica is a beautifully printed and designed magazine with a different subject/theme each month. Make sure you pick up a copy, they are one of those pieces of print a designer should own. My favourite is issue number 86, making the news. It's inspiring and thought provoking and tackles some really important world issues. It includes some awesome print techniques. Don't be put off by the price, it's worth every penny. Fabrica also take interns throughout the year, so if your looking for a placement, make sure you apply. They would be an incredible company to work for, and are currently based in Italy. 

Above is one of the pieces included in the magazine, and speaks for itself. The quote printed at the back of the newspaper print is:

‘Creativity is unusual stuff: It frightens. It deranges. It’s subversive. It mistrusts what it sees, what it hears. It dares to doubt. It acts even if it errs. It infiltrates preconceived notions. It rattles established certitudes. It incessantly invents new ways, new vocabularies. It provokes and changes points of view.’
— Fabrica

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