Being Good Isn't Good Enough


Is there such a thing as a 'bad placement'?

There are a of conflicting opinions on whether there is such a thing as a bad placement or internship, some of this is regarding pay, but most of the time it's whether you are gaining valuable experience or not. I have to admit, when I was looking for placements, I was terrified I would hate what I was doing. The last thing I wanted to do was to start working in a sector or type of business I really wasn't interested in just for the sake of having a placement. Is that the right attitude to have? Maybe working in a sector your uncomfortable in teaches you a lot, or maybe you actually find you don't hate that sector as much as you thought. Who knows, it could happen. The other worry students seem to have is that they don't want to be given typical 'mac monkey' work to do. Now don't get me wrong, I understand it's not the most exciting thing in the world to do, but theres a learning opportunity in everything you do. Your never going to be given a massive project to work on straight away, you have to use these smaller jobs to prove yourself, to prove that actually your learning a lot and might be ready to work on something bigger. If a company is having you do this kind of work 24/7 throughout your whole year there, then I would agree that's not going to teach you a lot. You should try to stay away from companies that don't want to further your learning and develop you into a good designer. 

To be honest, I think it's important not to be too picky, because experience on your CV is what get's you through the door into your next job. So maybe doing a job your not completely enthralled by is worth it if the next one turns out to be your dream company. At the same time though, aim high, make sure your applying for those companies/agencies that you really want to be a part of, because if you can get in with them then you definitely don't have to worry about having a 'bad placement'. I'm lucky enough to be able to say I love what I do, and Sharp are giving me plenty of learning opportunities. 

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