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Sharp Invite

I was recently tasked with creating an event invitation from the Sharp Agency that was a little bit different, working with a work experience student, we came up with something fun. We decided that we would create a 'ticket' invite that would roll up and go inside a balloon, so in order to open your invitation, you had to pop the balloon. However it couldn't just be any balloon, everything needed to be branded with the Sharp logo etc. So we looked into buying some boxes and looked for companies to print branded balloons. In the mean time we mocked up what the invite might look like so we could test it. The first mock up is below.

Some copy lines for the invitation needed writing next, and the right size balloons needed ordering and purchasing. We also decided to use the same boxes that we send our branded mugs in to put the balloon in. After a few design and copy amends, we had the invite ready. All the invitations were put into the balloons, they were filled with confetti too so that when the balloon popped there was more than the invitation that fell out. Then to give it a finishing touch the box had black ribbon tied on it, so it felt really personal and bespoke. 25 of these were hand delivered to the client. Check out the photos below, it turned out great and was a really fun project to work on! 

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