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SHARP CreativiTEA™

So I’m coming into my third month working for SHARP now, and I've had the opportunity over the last couple of months to work on a packaging project as part of Sharp’s new business campaign. This definitely has to be my favourite project so far, as packaging projects are quite new to me. I have absolutely loved designing the whole thing from start to finish, from deciding how we would package it, designing the logo, the labels, what material we would print the labels on etc.

The name of the product I have been designing for is CreativiTEA™, and as an creative agency who love their tea, we initially set out to find a blend of tea that aided the creative process. We soon found out that there was no such tea, so we decided to create our own blend. It’s made up of Indian Assam, ready to wake you up so you can start thinking outside of the box. Ceylon Black Tea, light and refreshing to cleanse the mind so you can focus. 1st Flush Darjeeling, light and clear with lively character to inspire clarity of thought, and Chinese Golden Monkey King as our luxurious ingredient that’ll ignite that creative spark.
Equiped with our new branded mugs, and CreativiTEA™, it was my job to put the packaging together. The reason it needed packaging was because we were planning on sending this out as an email campaign. A Sharp newsletter offering free packs of Creativitea were going to be sent to our clients and prospects. So the packaging needed to not only reflect the Sharp branding, but also be robust enough to survive in the post.


The first thing to tackle was the logo, I considered many formats and many different fonts. But after working closely with the creative partners, we settled on the stacked logo. The SHARP branding uses a lot of different fonts to create interesting typographic pieces such as on our mugs and the murals on our walls. This is the reason I decided to use three separate fonts within the logo. The next decision was in regards to the outer box packaging. I initially designed a bespoke box package, with different tea related icons on the sides (which now feature in the leaflet and label). Unfortunately, after meeting with a packaging company, we established it would be too expensive to have our own bespoke boxes made. We did however already have square yellow boxes that we send mugs out to clients in, so I needed to find a way of branding up those boxes so we would fit the CreativiTEA™ packs in. After creating some moodboards and deciding what kind of feel I thought the packaging should have, I decided that brown kraft paper labels might look really nice with the yellow branding. So I sourced some adhesive brown paper to print on, some brown paper packets to put the tea bags in and started designing. The final box packaging looked like this...

The last step of the process was getting the stickers made to seal the teabag packets, and also some square stickers to put on the tea bag labels themselves. These were sourced and designed just to have the CreativiTEA™ and SHARP logos on them. We also needed to design a leaflet that explained where CreativiTEA™ came from and the story behind it. After I received the copy for the leaflet, I got designing with the help of the creative directors and we had it sent out for printing.
Personally, the leaflet is my favourite part of the pack.

So with all the elements in place all that was left was to send the email campaign out and get packaging! We have had a really good response so far and have spent plenty of time putting CreativiTEA™ packets together! As I said, I’ve really loved working on this project, and I am very happy to see it all come together as a finished project.

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