Being Good Isn't Good Enough


Listen to people who inspire you.

Inspiration comes from so many different places. In order to be creative and proactive, you have to be inspired. Personally, my inspiration comes from many different places. Ted Talks, Suli Breaks spoken word videos, music, these are just a few examples of things I listen to keep me motivated. 

Today is a perfect example, I have gotten into a bit of a rut with my university work. I ended up sitting down with my mum and watching Joanna Lumley meets Doesn't sound all that exciting, but actually it inspired me to sit down with my laptop and get to work. I've always admired but tonight I found he has a very similar ethic to me. His word to describe himself is will - as in having the will to work hard and achieve. He gives back to the community with all sorts of amazing projects. I suggest you give it a watch, maybe it's the inspiration you've been waiting for? I know it was for me.

Anything can be a source of motivation, so watch movies, read newspapers, listen to music, whatever gets you working is worth your time. Maybe it will lead to your next creative breakthrough.

beccy FiskComment