Being Good Isn't Good Enough


Network network network...

I've always been told networking is important, but I never really understood why until recently. Networking creates opportunity, talking to people, explaining who you are and what your doing can get you a long way. In January I had a five day trip to New York, I had the absolute time of my life. I know what your thinking, Statue of Liberty....Empire State....Madison Square Gardens. Yes and no, of course I did some sight seeing, but the majority of my trip was devoted to networking. Going to studios, talking to designers, talking to anyone who would listen.

I was lucky enough to speak to an extremely inspiring individual before my trip who pushed me in the direction of networking. Setting up meetings with people and studios whilst I was there with the intention of just talking to them, getting some advice and learning about the industry. I met some incredible people who all taught me different things, I went to Studiomates, Alfalfa Studio, Undercurrent, Skillshare, and Percolate. Every visit was so helpful in different ways, but most of all, it taught me that networking is the most effective skill you can have. I went to New York with the intention of finding out about potential internships, and I came back with a whole list of advice and skills that are currently helping me apply for placements and internships. The most poignant thing said to me in NYC was 'If you really want to make it happen, you will.' 

So go ahead, send out emails, tweet companies, ring them up, whatever you have to do to create your network, get started! 

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