Being Good Isn't Good Enough



So when you finish University for the summer, I believe it's really important to keep the creative juices flowing. This is why I decided to put some of my work up in an exhibition for 16-22 year old's in Chester city centre. It took 3 weeks, over 500 miniature cranes, and one sleepless night, but I eventually finished it ready for opening night yesterday. I decided that I would make an origami version of my manifesto. So I bought some A1 foamboard, stenciled the lettering on in pencil and got folding! I used superglue to stick all the cranes on, and got it framed up in a box frame so it kept its 3D effect from the cranes. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I also made some bunches of origami flowers to sell too. So, if your in the Chester area, head over to the Funky Aardvark on the rows, opposite Central Perk! It's up for two weeks. 

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