Being Good Isn't Good Enough


Hitting 'the wall'.

Anyone who has ever worked in the creative industry will have hit a creative wall at some point. But today i'm not talking about creative block, i'm talking about the job wall. When no matter how many emails you send, packages you post or tweets you send out, no one will listen. I recently found myself at this point, having been for an interview for a job I really wanted and didn't get it. So I took the knock and decided to get back on the horse, I emailed probably fifteen different companies. I packaged my CV booklet off to one of my favourite companies. But no such luck, not a single reply. I won't lie, it was incredibly frustrating. I was fed up and ready to quit, but my tutor got hold of me and sat down and made an action plan with me. The plan was to rebrand, redesign the portfolio, and get back on the horse again. 

So that's what I did...and now I've got an interview lined up. So the moral of the story? Job hunting sucks, but your time does come.