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That time I went to New York City...

So it's currently 00:27, I was just settling down to get some sleep after watching re runs of Grey's Anatomy, and I started thinking about my time in New York in January. So then I stumbled onto Swiss Miss' blog, which I haven't checked for a while. I came across a truly inspirational talk that she gave recently for 99U. I suppose for me, this talk was particularly poignant because I had the opportunity to very briefly meet Tina Roth Eisenburg for about five minutes in Studiomates. She made sure I went home with Tattly, and I got to see the incredible space that she had created for people to work in. So before I go on to tell you about the rest of my time at Studiomates, watch her talk, 20 minutes you really don't want to miss.

So, my trip to New York started way before January. I spent all of Summer 2013 saving for the trip knowing that I had to pay it by Christmas. I had actually already visited New York previously for 3 days, but for those of you that have visited, you will know that 3 days is most certainly not enough. Originally, the plan was to go out there in January, and do a whole lot of sight seeing. But then I realised that I was never going to achieve my dream of living and working in the USA by sightseeing. So I got in contact with an ex student of Huddersfield University who lives in NYC and gave me some amazing advice on how to contact people out there, who to try and talk to and the best way of getting attention. He inspired me. So I got to work, I spent the Christmas holidays endlessly emailing people, and making CV booklets to take with me. I visited quite a few different people and companies, but that's for another blog post. The day before I flew out, I managed to get a reply from a Studiomate called Alonzo Felix, an amazing designer/illustrator (check out his work here He very kindly offered to show me around Studiomates whilst I was out there. So I think on day three of my trip, I made my way out to Brooklyn for the first time and never looked back.

I made my way up a lot of stairs (didn't realise there was a lift!) to find the floor of Studiomates. After poking my head into a few different rooms, someone showed me where to find Alonzo, he gave me a tour of the many different rooms of Studiomates! After seeing the main work areas, he took me into the bustling room that is Tattly. Now if you don't know what Tattly is I insist you go to the website and then try and tell me you don't want to buy something! That's where I got a brief few minutes to meet Tina, she asked where I was from and what I was studying. She made sure I had some Tattly to go home with then disappeared to do important things I imagine. This is when I got the opportunity to meet Jen Mussari, a talented lettering artist/designer/illustrator. At the time she was Tina's assistant, however she has now gone freelance, you can see her awesome work here. Jen took me over to the part of Studiomates she works in, and spent some time talking to me about her work and time in New York. She also took the time to look at my work, which was so nice of her and awesome to get feedback from someone working in the industry. She gave me any advice she could on internships and getting a job.

What I really took away from my time at Studiomates was that you can create an environment to work in that inspires creativity and productivity. Seeing everyone's work up and around the studio was amazing, I quite honestly never wanted to leave! That was the kind of place I could see myself working in for a very long time. The most important thing I came away with was that people want to help. My only intention with every meeting I took in New York was to get advice, and I came away with more than I could have imagined. The people in Studiomates as Tina said in her talk, really are incredible.

I left New York with an exponential amount of determination and as a changed designer, and I can't wait to go back.

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