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What's in store for the next few months?

Been wondering what I have been up to lately? Well, wait no longer! Here's a teaser photo before I give you the project synopsis...

Where did you find that beautiful screen printed 1940's/50's poster I hear you say...well this is one of many beautiful aspects of the Corner Shop Archive. The archive is one of five that John Kelly (senior lecturer at Huddersfield University) has collected as part of his PhD. I was flattered to be invited to be part of his research collective on this project.

The idea is that we we become a collective of creative detectives, working with found archives to create a beautiful new body of work within the creative industries. Obviously as a graphic designer, that is the field I will be focusing on. However there are a lot of very talented people involved with this project covering various fields of the creative community. 

The archive that I have the pleasure of working with is the 'Corner Shop Records'. This archive consists of two boxes of records the shop keeper 'Boyd' has kept over a few years during the war period. These records consist of many different things, letters from the ministry of food, scribbles on the back of tobacco packaging for his stock orders, handwritten notes, and so much more. My plan for this archive is simple, recreate it with a modern design aesthetic, with as much authenticity as possible. So this means delving into the extraordinary process of old typographic lettering and printing methods. Book binding by hand, letterpress, screen printing, hand drawn type and so much more. Soon enough I will be posting a document explaining each part of my project proposal. But for now I am working on creating a brand identity for the corner shop. I'm going to start by creating a logo which involves a skill I'm trying to refine - hand drawn lettering. Once I have an idea of the aesthetic I want to create for the Corner Shop, I will follow up with a set of brand guidelines. Look out for more updates, there will be logo sketches to follow soon! 


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