Being Good Isn't Good Enough


Find time to be creative.

The title of this post might sound a little odd. I'm a creative, a designer - surely my days are consistently filled with creativity? Not always. Whether it's because I've spent the day sending out emails, making timing plans or other boring admin-like tasks, not everyday is fun-filled. 

After a lot of time hitting my head against a brick wall, I've discovered one thing. Finding time to be freely creative, and when I say freely, no brief, no deadline, just being creative for whatever reason; is just as important as keeping yourself organised. It's a piece of helpful advice I was given recently, so I thought I would share the wisdom.

Having a perfectly planned timetable for the next two weeks isn't going to be any good if you haven't accounted for day 14 of deadlines and tasks that are ten times harder because your creative flow is non existent. It just makes everything difficult. 

So here's my suggestion, the answer to the problem if you will. Under no uncertain terms, stop making excuses. Carve out time in your weekly timing plan, as much as you can afford, whether that's half a day, a few hours, or if you're lucky, a weekend. Decide what it is that's really inspired you this week, it could even just be something you saw on Pinterest, and get to work. I know myself I'm always seeing things online, and in my head I will say 'I'll make that a little project one day when I have time'. Time doesn't magic itself out of thin air. Set out your time. Note down your ideas when you get inspired, then you have something to refer back to when your down time arrives.

I've only just started employing this ethos in my working week, I have a lot of freelance work on at the moment as well as working full time. So on my day off on a Saturday, I make sure I sit down and do something I'm excited about, rather than watching Netflix all day! This week I went and sat in Cafe Nero for four hours and just sketched the day away working on some lettering.

I've found that this really works, during the week when I'm working late; I'm not hitting my head against the wall because all the creativity has been sucked out of me by deadlines. I'm instead really enjoying the process again. So give it a try, I think you will find it changes your outlook. 

P.s. For those of you who don't have a 'creative' job, employ this ethos too. Do something you really enjoy, whether it's writing, sketching, video gaming etc. Studies suggest that being more creative makes you more productive in your day job. 

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