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Huddersfield University brand workshop

Every term, the Huddersfield Universities Art and Design department organise a workshop week where designers, agencies and writers are invited to spend some time with the design students, sharing their skills and insights from the industry. On Tuesday, we had the exciting opportunity to deliver a brand master class workshop to the first year design students.

I have found that brand isn’t something that students get a lot of opportunity to work with at University. So it was really rewarding working with our partners to put a challenging and thrilling workshop together for the students.

The day started with a presentation from Mandi (one of the agency partners) on the power of brand, how a brand communicates and some interesting case studies. This was followed by Rich (Creative Director) giving the students their pressure cooker style brief for the day. Their task? Create a brand identity for the proposed HD One skiing, shopping and entertainment complex set to be built down by Galpharm Stadium. They were to present back to Rich at the end of the day. You can find out more about the complex here.

Once their task was set, I stayed behind for the day with tutor John Kelly to help and advise the students on their project. It was inspiring to see the students approach the task with such excitement and enthusiasm. Some fantastic ideas came out of the brainstorming sessions before they set about designing logos and posters for their brand.

Before we knew it, half past four approached and Rich was back in the studio for presentations. ‘I was very impressed with the strategic thinking, and some excellent ideas with development potential. All presented with confidence and clarity too.’ – Rich

The students seemed to get a lot out of the day, really beginning to understand how to develop a successful brand identity. I was glad to be a part of it, and as a student myself it was exciting experiencing workshop week from the other side!

"It was the best workshop I have had since starting. Everyone was fully engaged and it gave a real challenge similar to what you would find in industry. I did not hear a single moan or groan. I learnt a lot from it. – Emma Nicholson, design student."

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