Being Good Isn't Good Enough


Why develop skills outside the comfort of your own visual style?

So I have been spending my Sunday afternoon drawing out some type based logo's for the Boyd's Corner Shop identity. I have to admit, I have always thought that hand drawn type was for the professionals and the professionals only. But then I thought, why not give it a try? I have always loved drawing letterforms, especially after some type workshops in Uni and with work. It's always important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Having a niche and making sure you have your design style is an extremely important part about being employable. But it doesn't mean you can't try new things. Developing new skills,and working to refine them will certainly make you a more desirable employee. Knowing who you are as a designer allows you to develop a style that you can portray in your portfolio is fantastic. But if you can throw in an interview that actually, you have a real passion for hand drawn type (or insert any creative skill here...coding...illustration...pattern design etc) it will definitely peak your potential employers interest. Just make sure you're not telling porky pies, because they will remember and might well end up asking you to use that skill elsewhere if they employ you! You never know where that kind of skill is going to come in handy. I started developing my type drawing skills a while ago, but as it happens the archive project is the perfect opportunity to use them. The top and bottom of it? Strive for new skills, because being good isn't good enough! 

Anyway, below are some of today's sketches that I will start to refine at a later date. I'm going to aim to try and sketch out some hand drawn type at least once every few days. I'll post the result at the end of the week!

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